Edy is her mother's firecracker girl.

She yin yangs her time between Colorado and San Francisco as dual creative editor and yoga instructor.

She has worked predominantly with start up companies or individuals in the fashion, health and wellness, community, and culture sectors with the autonomy to influence brand voice and strategy. She’s obsessed with: tone, ethos, and design.

With a creative writing background, Edy is a word nerd. She loves the dictionary app and pats herself on the back when new vocabulary sneaks into her daily conversations. She thinks words are flexible friends made to play together, some times in odd but always harmonious ways. 

Disclaimer: she is not a starving artist. She likes to dance (badly). You can find her deep in the throes of a good book (think: Jamaica Kincaid) or a spicy margarita infused conversation (about: love or existential theories) with a pal. Say hi!

Photo by Marissa Marino