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Roles: Editorial, Design, + Production Assistant


Editorial Publications

1. Monochromatic Reminiscion
Belgian travel and wildlife photographer Martin Dellicour comes eye to eye with the history of Earth embodied in a herd of muskoxen on the high plateaus of Dovrefjell, Norway. Growing up in Ardennes, Belgium, visual artist and photographer Martin Dellicour developed an appreciation for the aesthetics of nature early on. Dellicour remembers childhood as taking place outdoors, simply observing. At age fifteen, Dellicour’s parents gave him his first camera, a Nikon F–501, which he regards as “a revelation where the decision of being a photographer was secretly made...”

Juniper-Ridge-Wilderness-Perfume_Joel-Baer_118of1326 copy.jpg

2. Earthbeats
All I’ve known to cure myself is this—

Blue and green hues pulse together while I’m lying lonely on top of pine needles. Rows and rows of trees with peeling, orangey skin align, and the symmetry feels safe. It’s nearly sundown, and the whirring noises are far away in the city. All I can hear is clarity and crickets…

VeronicaCraig-0014 copy.jpg

3. Nature Lovers
Marrying his love for the outdoors with his gift for putting people at ease, Seattle-based wedding and adventure photographer Greg Balkin shoots couples in the wild. The self-proclaimed professional third-wheeler takes his subjects backcountry camping and wakes them at sunrise to capture “Adventure Love Stories,” set in alpenglow…



Collaborated on page design and concepts for quarterly magazine.


Assisted photo shoots, events, and upcoming campaigns. Here’s the fall campaign where a few friends and I make an appearance.