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1. Experience Emmerson
Emotional eating isn't always bad.

Black and antique gold trinkets line the tall black cabinets welcoming you to Emmerson. In juxtaposition to the familiar “label maker” branding, you’re at once made to feel at home but also, exceptionally important. We’re cared for by Ben Foot, assistant general manager, and Tre Gerbitz, general manager (and personality) of Emmerson. They’re dressed to the nines, explaining to us that some staff members are off at Mishawaka seeing Explosions in the Sky and then, rehashing the time they spray painted the back room of Emmerson late one night, to which Tre coils back and remarks on how he hopes none of what he’s about to say or do will be used against him...


2. The Circle of Service
These local businesses alleviate collective suffering through their services.

Children’s House Preschool, a red school barn, stands proudly in North Boulder. Elaine McCarthy and Michael Knuckey, both award-winning teachers, own and operate this experiential option for preliminary education. On a typical day, the children arrive and the first hour is an opportunity for them to identify how they’ve shown up. Do they want to paint? Do they want to rest? This time is dedicated to supporting what they need in order to transition into the rest of their day efficiently. Next, is circle time where all of the children gather for a group activity...